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Experience with Care

For 23 years; We continue to create reputable brands with the principles of providing the best quality products in the most accessible way, followed as a development-oriented, innovative, industry pioneer.All of our brands have distribution channels to protect our customers and business partners in line with their target audiences.

In addition to our research and development investments, we make continuous customer satisfaction analysis with the aim of bringing all humanity to the healthy and beautiful skin it deserves, regardless of cold or hot weather conditions.

We have played a major role in reflecting the beauty of humanity with our ever-accelerated success chart until today, and with every new brand and product group we have created in line with mass needs, we guarantee our future success based on our quality.

As Centro Cosmetics Team, we share our rightful pride based on our quality and consistent development with all our business partners.

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Address: 5748 Sokak No: 65 MTK Area Bornova – İzmir-Turkey

Tel: +90 232 431 18 35