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Continuous Innovation, Constantly Rising Quality

CENTRO has started its activities with its expert team in İzmir/Turkey factory by combining its 22 years of experience and professionalism in the cosmetics sector with the dynamism of the youth. It blends its innovative spirit with years of experience and reflects it on its products without compromising on quality. 

Centro Cosmetics, taking its power from its disciplined work and the success of its products; serves its valuable customers, with the principles of trust, health, innovation and dynamism.

It continues to create reputable brands with the principles of offering the best quality products in the most accessible way, followed as a development-oriented, innovative, industry pioneer.

Our Mission;
“To present our products that we produce in hygienic conditions based on high quality standards, in the most appropriate and accessible way, with the principles of trust and health.”

Our vision;

“To become the most preferred brand in the global cosmetics market with the aim of the company that directs the sector in the national arena by making environmentally friendly production with advanced technology.”

Our goal

“To be one of the brands that directs the global cosmetics industry by following the developing technology day by day.”

We can achieve your dreams,together....